Why Should You Eat Garlic To Manage High BP? 6 Ways To Have Garlic

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Garlic For Hypertension: Why Should You Eat Garlic To Manage High BP? 6 Ways To Have Garlic

Hypertension is a common cause of concerns nowadays

Garlic is loaded with antioxidants
Garlic may help keep blood pressure levels stable
Garlic can be consumed in many ways

Hypertension is a condition that is characterised by elevated blood pressure levels. This occurs when the force of blood against the artery walls is very fierce and forceful. High blood pressure could lead to a number heart-related concerns – if necessary, measures are not taken, it could even lead to a stroke or an attack. Fortunately, with advancement in medical science, we have learnt how to manage the symptoms and know exactly what it takes to bring the levels back in control. But did you know there are plenty of ways in which you could naturally keep your BP in control. Garlic is known to be very effective in this regard. Of course, eating garlic pods does not magically bring down your BP levels in an instant, but eating in moderate quantities and adding it to your diet makes your heart stronger and contribute to overall health.

Why Should You Take Garlic To Manage Your BP?
Senior Dietician from Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre Ms Jyoti Bhatt tells us, “Garlic cloves produce a chemical called allicin, which has shown many positive effects on blood pressure in general. Garlic is used widely as a flavouring in cooking but it has also been used as medicine throughout ancient and modern therapy. Garlic belong to the Allicin family. It is commonly used to manage condition related to heart and blood system. This includes high BP, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis. Garlic ensures regulation of endothelial nitric oxide(NO) which induces smooth muscle cell relaxation vasodilation of BP reduction.”

Manage Hypertension: 6 Interesting Ways To Include Garlic In Daily Diet
1. In salads: You can chop them super fine and include it in your salads, the pungent kick of garlic make even the blandest combination of greens taste better.

2. Soups: You can boil them in soups and include other vegetable too that are high in potassium and make yourself a hearty and comforting broth. Mild spices are also not that bad an idea, do try to cut back on salt.

3. Garlic And Water: Drinking a blend of crushed garlic and water on an empty stomach could have started off on a good note. Here are all the benefits of drinking garlic water.

4. Garlic Tea: You can brew garlic in a tea too. Yes, it could not only foster your heart but also ward off risk of cold and cough. Click here for the tea recipe that has the goodness of two superfoods garlic and ginger.

5. Roast Garlic + Anything: Peel some garlic, chop them and dry roast them. Sprinkle it on any curry, gravy, stew or broth and you have yourself a winner.

6. Garlic Powder: According to Ms. Jyoti Bhatt, “eating raw garlic chopped with honey shows good result, one can add garlic powder if raw garlic is not tolerated due to its pungent smell, also garlic oil can be used for dressing.”

So include garlic in your diet and manage high blood pressure (hypertension) naturally.

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