Article: Gladys Biju George


The God whom we serve always does wonders and miracles. His thoughts, ways and acts cannot be suppressed in human minds. When things happen against of world’s rules or in other words when impossible matters become possible even Gentiles too witness that there is a power behind it. The complete honor and glory must be for the Almighty when he paves a way in the midst of our difficult paths. In Isaiah 43 : 19 it says, “Behold, I will do a new thing now it shall spring forth shall you not know it?I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”.

The verse seems typical for some people. It may even seem hard to accept the originality. But it just states about a part of divinity. Getting into the point it is obvious that no one can find a road in the wilderness. Even if suppose a person tries to build it he will not be appreciated because people won’t live there, so the necessity of travelling is also not seen. Not only that it is much difficult task as the facilities of making road becomes impossible also. In the next part too i.e, about rivers in the desert this concept applies the same. In our spiritual life there may arise lot of difficult circumstances that makes us feel life to be deserted but the one who is with us will surely make a way of escape. God has never assured of a life filled with bed of roses while appointing and calling us. He has definitely promised of a peaceful eternal life but we need to carry the cross and follow him by going through the narrow way in our short span of earthly life.

When a big revival was going on in Samaria, the Spirit of God led Philip to a deserted
place, a place where no one lives. We see that Phillp revealed the scripture to the Ethiopian who was reading from the book of prophet lsaiah and preached about Jesus to
him. That person was saved and baptized. If we willingly seek God’s presence or his word, a perfect answer will be received whether be it through an unknown person. At the end Philip went rejoicing and was seen no more as the Spirit of Lord took him away. The Ethiopian also went on his way rejoicing. Spiritual happiness is being experienced there.

David addresses Lord as the shepherd and portrays the benefits he receives as a sheep. Initially he mentions the blessings i.e, shall never be in want, being made to lie in green pastures, led besides the still waters, soul is restored, led in the path of righteousness etc. In continuation, he also states that apart from these even if he walks through the valley of shadow of death he will fear no evil. Situations similar to deaths can arise but the only assurance is that the shepherd will never leave and forsake his sheep. Yes, the rod and staff will be a comfort.

God can make out a way despite any of the prevailing conditions. Israelities experienced it throughout their life especially in the wilderness. They witnessed that God who makes rivers in desert & could also desert the rivers so that they can walk and move forward. Their clothes and sandals didn’t worn out. They were fed with the food which they could not even expect. They were led with cloudy pillar in day and pillar of fire at night. The manifold mercies of God was seen. It was definitely the ways amidst impossibilties. He can make the crooked paths straight and open doors that no one can close.

So let us boldly trust till the end the faithful Master who has called us into his fellowship. God bless all.

-Gladys Biju George

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