Tony Evans urges Christian voters on life issue: Don’t ignore ‘abortion’ outside the womb

Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post Reporter

Over a month ahead of election day, Pastor Tony Evans urged U.S. citizens to consider the value of life — both inside and outside the womb — before voting, warning that ignoring what God says about human dignity will result in “chaos.”

“When you don’t start with the image of God, then you make life what you call it to be, not what God has created it and stamped it to be,” Evans, the longtime pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Texas, said on Sunday. “Till we see it through God’s eyes, then we will not start in the right place.

“God views it as a personal insult when life is not given the value He gives … to it because what you said is what God did is not worth protecting. So any discussion of life has to start there. Any discussion of life has to start with the divine mark. And the job of government, the Bible says, is to protect that life.”

When God is left out of government, “life and its value gets downgraded, reduced, dishonored and attacked,” he warned. “So when you think about Kingdom voting, you must think about the question of life.”

“Life,” Evans explained, includes “pre-born life and post-born life; abortion before birth, and abortion after birth.”

“See the problem we get in with voting is that we choose a term insurance policy, not a whole life insurance policy,” he said. “We choose a pre-born insurance policy, and not a post-born insurance policy because we do not view all of life in terms of the image of God. And as a result, Christians take sides.”

Unless the sanctity of life at all stages is fully recognized, “you will not have a biblical view on the role of government,” Evans said. “You’ll just have a partisan view or a personal view. But you won’t be dealing with life as God deals with it.”

The pastor, who also founded The Urban Alternative, went on to highlight the horrors of abortion, asking: “Can you imagine if Mary had the option of abortion and decided to take it? We know that couldn’t happen in the providence of God, but [under] some of the laws today, it would be OK to kill the Savior.”

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