School Reopen in Unlock 5.0: Schools to open for all classes in Unlock 50!

School Reopen in Unlock 5: Separate gates may be used for children to enter and exit from the school instead of one. Not more than 20 students may be allowed in a single class. Students will not be allowed to share their lunch boxes with fellow students. It will be clear in the Unlock 5.0 guidelines only that children will be able to go to school from October 1 or wait for a few months more.

Schools can open in unlock 5.0: Coronavirus cases are continuously increasing in the country. In such a situation, there has been a doubt about the opening of school college. Meanwhile, schools have been partially opened in many states of the country since September 21, but schools are still closed in most states. Along with state governments, parents of children are also unable to take any concrete decisions about sending children to school during the Corona period. In most states, children are still dependent on online classes. Now it is expected that the government will set some rules in Unlock 5.0 guideline to open the school college smoothly.

India is in the fourth phase of unlocking after the Coronavirus Lockdown and for this, a guideline has been released by the Central Government in August. In this guideline, it was said that the opening of schools for students from 9th grade to 12th standard. The government had set some rules in which it had clearly emphasized that no student will be forced to attend school during the Corona pandemic.

It was also said that students who go to school to consult teachers will first have to take permission from their parents by writing a note. Now as soon as October starts, the country will enter the fifth phase of unlocking. The central government can issue a guideline regarding Unlock 5.0 anytime soon. However, right now the rising cases of Corona are the biggest hurdles in the way of opening a school college and for this reason, parents are also not in favour of opening the school.

In the Unlock 5.0 guidelines, it is expected that the government can allow the school to open for all classes as before. However, some rules can be set for this. As of now, no information has been given by the government about the school college. For the last 6 months, studies have been badly affected due to the Coronavirus, it is expected that the government can now allow the school to run again as before. It will be clear in the Unlock 5.0 guidelines only that children will be able to go to school from October 1 or wait for a few months more.

In states where schools have been opened, classes have not resumed as before. Students are reaching school only for counseling. Where private institutions have been opened, many rules have also been set. Private institutions in Lucknow, UP have decided to run the school in two shifts so that social distancing is maintained. The school administration is taking a lot of precautions. Two gates have also been opened instead of one for children to come. A seating arrangement of only 20 students has been made in a class. Children will not be able to share tiffin.

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