Archaeologists in Egypt open ancient mummy coffin sealed 2,500 years ago; videos go viral

The video clip that’s going viral features many gathered around watching and filming as archaeologists unveil the first of 59 sealed sarcophagi found earlier this year in Saqqara, revealing a mummy inside.

Videos of archaeologists in Egypt opening an ancient mummy coffin in front of a live audience have attracted a lot of eyeballs around the world. The video clip features several people photographing and filming the moment when archaeologists unveiled the first mummy from 59 sealed sarcophagi found earlier in 2020 at an archaeological dig, Global News reported.
Greg Lewis, New Zealand’s Ambassador to Egypt was present at the event and took to Twitter to share a video of the ceremony. “Honoured to be invited by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities (His Excellency) Khaled El Anany to Saqqara for the announcement that a new tomb of mummies has been discovered. I saw one being opened for the first time in 2600 years! Truly amazing! @TourismandAntiq @MFATNZ,” Lewis tweeted.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities also shared a press release giving the details of the event. An excerpt from it read, “On the details of today’s archaeological reveal, the minister (of tourism) explained that initially three wells with 13 coffins were discovered, then another 14 coffins were revealed, bringing the total number of coffins discovered to date to 59 coffins. The reveal is not finished yet; we have found layers of coffins which will be announced later,” reported India Today.

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